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What is Keto OS NAT

Pruvits ketone supplements


The world's first and only Pure Therapeutic Ketones® made naturally.


KETO OS® NAT ™ produces the most bioavailable ketone salts through the first and only naturally fermented process. This is Nutritionally Advanced Technology ™.

Pruvit's NAT ketone salts are a proprietary formula for which a patent is pending. It fermented leucine and some amino acids that also help provide structural support to your body.

KETO OS NAT® uses our MAX NAT ™ BLEND with C-Med 100® and supports healthy cell function, repairs DNA quickly, strengthens the immune function and increases the essential amino acids required to optimize body composition.

Benefits of Keto OS NAT

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With increased appetite suppression, KETO OS® NAT ™ helps burn fat by controlling your hunger and reducing your craving for snacks.



Our unique C-Med 100® signal blend supports and maintains healthy cell function, maximizes cell debris removal and extends the length of DNA telomeres for long life, promoting rapid repair and restoration of your body.



KETO OS® NAT ™ and its proprietary N8 Max NAT ™ Blend ™ with patent-pending KetoNAT ™ BHB Salts enable rapid absorption of ketones, allowing a state of ketosis to be reached faster than ever for unrivaled results.



Experience unprecedented mental clarity and optimized cognitive functions thanks to the proprietary blend and highest effectiveness of KETO OS® NAT ™.


Contact us at +1 507 3631089 for more information

Hello, my name is Anthony a.k.a. Mr. Ketosis.

I invite you to become a Pruvit promoter with me.

Not only will you be joining a great team, but you will also receive support from a Pruvit Pro Champ who has been involved with the company since early on.

With my experience and knowledge of the Pruvit community and products, I will help you achieve your goals.

What is it like to work with Anthony as a Pruvit promoter?

This video contains the thoughts and opinions of other independent Pruvit promoters


Residual commissions


A monthly commission based on the percentage of the volume occurring at each of levels 1 through 10.

Champion bonus


In addition to the residual commissions, the Champion Bonus offers a percentage of the volume that comes from unlimited levels of promoters with a depth of one to five generations.

Ownership Pools


Four separate pools for all organizers who reach ranks L7, L8, L9 and L10, each based on 1% of the total company volume.


What does it cost to become a Pruvit Keto OS Promoter (a.k.a. Pruvit Keto OS Distributor)?

The cost to participate in the Promoter is $ 49.00 per year (back office and website are included).

How and when do I get paid?

All bonuses are calculated either daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually (depending on the bonus).

A wage week starts on Monday morning at 12:00 p.m. and ends on the following Sunday at 11:59 p.m. The times are based on the Pruvit Rewards time zone (RTZ), which is displayed in the Prüvit Cloud (

A wage month is based on a calendar month.

All monthly commissions are calculated and paid out on the 15th of the following month.

What is my (Mr. Ketosis) referral code?

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