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Pruvit's 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hey, what's up guys! Anthony Simmons here and today I wanted to chat just a little bit about this 10 Day Drink Ketone Challenge. So... I know based off the questions I get from you guys, you're eating keto, ketogenic lifestyle or low carb and you're wondering, why should my macros look like, how many carbs can I eat a day? Will this stall me, will this break my fast? Those are the typical questions that I receive every single day and what I love, is over the last years here, the company Pruvit has actually come up with a product called Keto NAT and exogenous ketone that you can actually shake up in a cold glass of water and it tastes great and it helps you reach that state of ketosis in less than one hour. Right.... because that's the goal many people are after, is to reach ketosis so that you can have additional energy, additional focus, fat loss, better muscle preservation. These are the things that people are after and ketosis can get you there, but it can be challenging.....until now! With a 10 day drink ketone challenge. This is a great way for you to actually jump into this journey, jump into this lifestyle because a couple of common questions I get when people are wanting to know more about this, wanting to know how do I give ketosis and less than one hour. They say, "Well, what flavors are there? How do I know if I'm going to like the flavors? How do I know if I'm going to like the caffeinated version of non-caffeinated version? And what I really love about this 10 day drink ketone challenge kit, is that you can try out a variety of flavors. We actually ship you a variety pack and we get it to you at a great value, at a great cost because typically that's the second question is, do you have a coupon? Can I get a discount? Now, this kit here, this 10 day challenge kit, it takes care of all those questions for you and makes it very simple. Along with that, because that's not it! You're actually going to get plugged in to a private group where we have specialists, trainers, coaches, they can help guide you through your 10 day journey. They guide you to the 20 packages that you will be drinking so that you can become a best version of yourself and utilize the products correctly to get the most optimal results. So that sounds great to you. If you want to get plugged into the group, if you want to try out a variety of flavors at a great cost, then maybe this is time for you to start your journey. Maybe you've been waiting, maybe you've been watching, maybe you're thinking to yourself, I need more focus. I need more fat loss. I need more muscle preservation, clear skin, the list goes on and on with what the benefits of ketones can do for your body.Now you can get it in a great kit at a great value in just a very simple way. So reach out to me. I'll provide you guys with some links so that you can go ahead and either join in and place your order or you can just reach out to me and ask additional questions. But I can't wait to see you guys start your journey. I'm looking forward to going on this journey with you and hey, today's the day. Grab your 10 day drink ketone challenge kit.

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