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Introducing the World's first Ketone INFÜZED Protein!

KETO//OS® PRØ + MCT was specially crafted for YOU with 9 EXCLUSIVE PATENTS to make it the BEST in class! This Ketogenic protein powder is packed with MCTs to help combat the aging process, boost energy, and improve digestion. KETO//OS® PRØ + MCT helps initiate muscle growth and prevents muscle breakdown, providing high-quality fuel perfect for advanced post-workout repair and recovery.

The formula is great for making into a healthy ice cream treat for the family!

The benefits of Keto//OS PRO:

🔥 Boosts energy levels

🔥 Promotes ketone production

🔥 Improves digestion

🔥 Low calorie

🔥 Prevents protein breakdown

🔥 Helps to stimulate muscle growth

🔥 Promotes a heathy immune system

🔥 Added MCTs which help combat the aging process

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