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Ketones and Genetic expression 酮與基因表現

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

You probably know by now that #ketones have many benefits but did you know they also help with DNA repair and genetic expression? Tune in to this weeks #Keto101 episode and learn from Keto Experts Dr. Sheck and Dr. Poff as they educate on just how ketones promote dna repair by changing genetic expression without changing the gene itself.

你可能已經了解不少#酮體能為你帶來的各種好處了。但你知道嗎?酮體亦有助於DNA修復及基因表現! 收看這集#生酮101,向酮專家阿德里安娜·薛克博士以及安吉拉·波夫博士學習學習吧!她們將向你們展示酮體如何不改變基因本身,只透過改變基因表現去促進DNA修復

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