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Pruvit's Ketone Supplement produces the most bioavailable ketone salts through the first and only naturally fermented process. Now that’s Nutritionally Advanced Technology™. 


Nutritionally Advanced Technology™

Utilizing Prüvit's N8 MAX NAT™ BLEND featuring C-Med 100®, KETO OS NAT™ supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, boosts immune function, and elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition.

Bonus Savings

How to get the Pruvit Sale Price Monthly?


Here's a tip for receiving  Keto OS monthly. Simply turn on the Smartship function and receive 22% off your order every month. Smartship also qualifies you to receive free product after three consecutive smart ship orders.

10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge CA

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This is NOT a keto diet. This is to Challenge you to drink ketones for 10 days and experience what it feels like to operate on a premium fuel source.

What’s Included with

Pruvit's 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge

  • 20 sachets of KETO OS NAT in a variety of flavors

  • FREE access to our Prüvit Coaches

  • FREE access to our Private Facebook Group

  • Community accountability

  • Lifestyle hacks

  • Exclusive discounts on Prüvit products

Become A Pruvit Promoter In Canada

I invite you to become a Pruvit Promoter with me. 

You will not only be joining a great team, but you will get support from a Pruvit Pro Champ who has been involved with the company since it's early stages.

I will help you charge toward your goals with my experience and knowledge of the Pruvit community and products.


Mitoplex CA Pruvit's Upgraded Electrolyte

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Prüvit has UPGRADED Electrolytes with their MITOPLEX, offering unparalleled energy and performance, and sustained muscle mass. Combined with Pure Therapeutic Ketones®.


 MITOPLEX is the next step to BETTER.This will be the FIRST UPGRADED Electrolyte that is made for Keto and Low Carb Dieters.

Do you have to eat Keto while drinking Keto OS NAT?

The great thing about taking exogenous ketones  KETO OS NAT is that you can experience the benefits of ketones without diet modification. Even those who don’t change a thing, will still experience the benefits. However, it is encouraged that you slowly begin to follow a lower carbohydrate diet, and enhance your body’s ability to utilize Keto OS NAT. Here are a few tips.......

Take Keto OS twice a day

Take your first serving of KETO OS NAT between 6-9am and your second serving between 1-4pm.

(Make sure you build up to two servings a day – usually by the 3rd day you can start)


Drink More Water

Try to drink 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per lb of body weight.

(Min. 10 – 8oz. glasses of water)

Eliminate Refined Sugars

Stay away sugary foods and drinks

(No soft drinks)

Move Your Body

Workout, run, walk, do pushups, take the stairs, walk the golf course etc.

Get Some Good Sleep 

Try to get to sleep before 11:00 p.m. 

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