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Pruvits Mito Plex upgraded electrolytes for ketogenic dieters


Prüvit has UPGRADED electrolytes with their MITOPLEX, offering unparalleled energy and performance, and sustained muscle mass. Combined with Pure Therapeutic Ketones®.


 MITOPLEX is the next step to BETTER.This will be the FIRST UPGRADED Electrolyte that is made for Keto and Low Carb Dieters.

Where to Buy Mitoplex

Pruvit Mitoplex.png

Mitoplex is the first upgraded electrolyte mix that is made for keto dieters. Anyone following keto, or a low-carb diet will fully benefit from this electrolyte.


What are the benefits of Mitoplex?

Mito2PQ Technology  ( Vitamin like compound that is commonly found in fruits and vegetables)


  • Improved Energy and Metabolism

  • Increased Mitochondrial biogenesis

  • Improved Muscle Mass

  • Improved Performance


Also included in Mitoplex

  • Creatine Monohydrate

    • Improves Energy Production

    • Increases Muscle Mass

    • Improves Performance

    • Improves Cognitive Performance

  • Vitamin D3

    • A majority of people are deficient in Vitamin D3. It is very important for bone growth and function, cardiovascular health, and immune system function.

Pruvits Mito Plex upgraded electrolytes for ketogenic dieters
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Are you looking for more than Mitoplex? How about more energy, focus, and Fatloss. If so, take the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge.


10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge

10 Day Ketones Challenge

The 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge is the ideal starting point for anyone brand new to the Prüvit community to experience the power of Pure Therapeutic Ketones® for 10 days.

Pruvit 10 Day Drink Ketone Challenge.png

The 10 DAY DRINK KETONES CHALLENGE is not a diet. No counting macros, no obscure shopping lists, and no complicated meal plans. We are simply challenging you to drink doctor-formulated KETO OS NAT for 10 days and experience what it feels like to operate on a premium fuel source. This Challenge PRÜVS bio-technology is here, and now you have access to it.

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