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5 reasons why I switched from being a Beachbody Coach to become a Pruvit Promoter

Find out more about my story and why I left Beachbody for Pruvit below!

Beachbody versus Pruvit

Below are my personal opinions on why I left Beachbody and became a Pruvit Promoter. These are my statements solely and not the opinion of Pruvit Ventures 

What's it been like transitioning from a 

 Diamond Beachbody Coach to a

Pruvit Circle of Champion

Only $49/yr Fee at Pruvit

Beachbody - One time Start-up fee $39.95 and then a monthly fee of $15.95
Pruvit - One time fee of $37 per year. With this you will gain access to back office and websites to assist in building your business.

Car Incentive Program ($800-$1300 USD per Month)

Beachbody - I've had BB Coaches Join our team with excitement to participate in Pruvit's Car Incentive program. 
PruvitWhen you achieve Rank 6 the company will pay up to $800.00 towards your new car or current car ( Car needs to meet Pruvits pre-approved list and rules provided in Rewads Plan). Once achieving Rank 7 Pruvit then will provide up to $1300 for a Model Tesla.

Increased Earnings & Rank

Beachbody - Beachbody Coaches would like a system put in place that incentivized them to grow their business / teams fast.
Pruvit - Pruvit has created a game approach to it's rewards program. Pruvit offers a great Bonus Program to all Promoters (This   is on top of the 20% - 40% commissions already paid out). 
Take The Go Challenge
  • Go PRO 
  • Go MVP 
Share Keto OS 5/10 Sample packs from your Promoter pack for additional earnings.
Pruvit Go Challenge Video

Free Product and Discount Program

Beachbody - While being a Beachbody Coach I always wanted a way to get my new potential customers and coaches discounts    on Shakeology and the DVD Workouts.
Pruvit - Pruvit has a great smart ship program (Monthly shipments) where you can get 22% off of each other every month + earn free product every 4th month along with your smart ship order + the ability to earn free product (Prüvit Bucks will go towards your monthly orders up to $500). 

Get in Pruvit Early*

Beachbody - With Beachbody there is a ton of competition around the world. The constant feeling of competitiveness is always present.
Pruvit Pruvit has a very unsaturated market.The companyis 3.5 years old and growing daily with very unique patented 
products.  There is a very huge benefit for BB Coaches to Join pruvit and utilize their training to build great teams.
Listed above are some of the reasons why I choose Pruvit vs other MLM's  
Im Very Excited for the New Partnership between Pruvit and Vi / Visalus (Body by Vi) 
Excited to get Started?  Time to Prüvit!

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