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Pruvit and Vi (Body by Vi) Partnership

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Timing is EVERYTHING in life. You are exactly where you need to be, and so are we. We Pruvit are excited to officially announce our partnership with fellow health-based company, Vi. This partnership between Pruvit and Vi means MØRE Prüvers sharing the Ketone Conversation™ and even BETTER innovation & technology to help YOU become the BEST version of yourself. There is strength in numbers and we're BETTER together. Welcome to the Prüvit Community, Vi!

Pruvit & Vi (Body by Vi) Partnership

It was super great to being in attendance at the last Pruvit Hacking Better Event where Vi representatives were in attendance. I was able to have some great conversations and make connections within those few days. As a Independent Pruvit Promoter I'm excited for the future and what the joined partnership with Vi (Body by Vi ) will bring.

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Based on this core belief, the company Pruvit set out to tackle the supplement world by creating the world’s first consumer-based ketone supplement drink, KETO//OS®. We are primarily focused on evidence-based products that help optimize your human potential.

Prüvit is proud to be the worldwide leader in ketone technology as we pioneer this new marketplace. With community as our focus and the power of social commerce, our philosophy remains simple. Make. People. Better.

OUR Mission

Inspire people to become a better version of themselves

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