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by Pruvit

SIGNAL//OS® AM/PM is your next step in total human OPTIMIZATION. When combined with KETO//OS® NAT™, these tiny capsules of BETTER work to repair DNA, improve cellular health, enhance immune function, and remove damaged cells!


With its patented bioactive ingredients, Signal OSTM increases cellular renewal for natural DNA repair. Signal OSTM boosts your body’s ability to improve DNA and cellular signaling while strengthening your immune system and ability to focus. This innovative bio-technology goes to work by enhancing the way your body communicates and functions at the cellular level for an upgraded experience you can feel.

Pruvit's Keto Signal OS
Bio-Technology designed for
Optimization at the cellular level

SIGNAL//OS® was designed to deliver nutrients, increase bioavailability, and the benefits associated with exogenous ketone uptake. SIGNAL//OS® AM is to be taken in the morning to optimize the day, while SIGNAL//OS® PM is to be taken at night in order to promote cellular renewal, reduce late-night cravings, and increase the quality of sleep.

SIGNAL//OS®  AM + PM are made with C-Med 100®, which increases cellular renewal for natural DNA repair, boosts the body’s cellular signaling, supports healthy immune function, and aids mental clarity and focus. Combined with the adaptogen ashwagandha, SIGNAL//OS® AM + PM promote whole body repair in the pursuit of total body optimization.

Bio technology designed to optimize at a Cellular Level.

 Signal OS A.M. reminiscent to the original signal OSTM, it’s designed for you to Rise and shine for a better day.


Signal OSTM P.M. is designed to be taken at night to promote a sense of calm while still repairing DNA and cellular function as you dream dream.


Together, Signal OSTM A.M. and P.M. workt to increase bioavailability, the delivery of nutrients, and enhance benefits associated with Pure Therapeutic Ketones.

  • ​Enhances Natural Immune Function

  • Elimnates Damaged Cells

  • Repairs DNA and Impoves Cellular Health

  • Enhances Cellular Communication

  • Improved Focus

  • Upgraded Experience you can feel


DIRECTIONS: Take 2 AM capsules before 9am,
and 3 PM capsules in the evening after 8pm.

Pruvit's Signal OS Am Ingredients

What's Inside SIGNAL//OS® AM/PM

Pruvit's Signal OS PM Ingredients
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