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Pruvit's Keto Kick - Neuro Chill

KETO//KICK Neuro Chill is the solution to wind down and reduce stress levels. These 3oz on-the-go shots pack enough ketones to put you into ketosis, cellular adaptogen to maximize relaxation, and imprüv sleep. No mixing needed, simply twist the cap and shoot it back!

Full Video Transcribed Below

We have ketones throughout the day, but you want to be able to wind down lower your stress levels and extend ketosis throughout the night. That's what we developed Neuro Chill for. And the thing you have to understand is, and one thing we understand is that regulating stress is very important to longevity, higher stress, lower lifespans, it's just the way it is. So what we actually put inside of keto chill is we put what we call, it's not just ketones, but it's specific ketones that help us wind down. But secondly, we include what we call adaptogens and adaptogens. When you take them when you need it elevation and energy, they give it to you, when you need to be calm down and have lower stress. It adapts your body actually adapts you at the cellular level to make you more relaxed and less stress. So we actually have what we call adaptogen. So there's new technology. It's not just ketones is ketones plus adaptogens. And so again, they adapt with your body of your high stress, they lower the stress, or if you have low hormones and you can't get excited, they actually raise your hormones to optimal levels. tons of studies on this, right. Neuro Chill


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