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Who's Ready For Measurement Day!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Whether you’re about to embark on Prüvit’s Keto Reboot and Optimization or you’re just starting a journey to better health, you want measurable results.

Results come in many forms:

-Better mood

-Better sleep

-Better energy

-Better fat loss

This guide is intended to help you track your body’s measurable results. As you complete the Keto Reboot and move into the Optimization period, you’ll know you feel better and have better energy. You’ll probably even notice your clothes starting to fit a little differently (especially as you check off your Keto Optimization Quests daily!). This guide will help you measure and quantify those results.

Measurement Hacks

-Take measurements standing up straight with your feet together.

-Use a flexible, cloth measuring tape.

-Ensure the tape is taut and parallel to the floor.

-We want you to be comfortable in your own skin. Start practicing now. Take your measurements in your underwear.

-Measure yourself in front of a mirror to ensure proper placement or ask a friend to help

Where to Measure. What to Measure:

-Chest: Place the measuring tape across your nipple line and measure around the largest part of your chest

-Waist: Place the measuring tape on your belly button. Measure on the exhale of your breath.

-Hips: Place the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips/buttocks.

Why wait? Weigh yourself now

Daily Measurement Calendar

-Take your weight first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

-We like you naked. Weigh yourself in your birthday suit.

-Take it to the MAX: If you want the most detailed accounting of your current body composition, check out your local YMCA or gym for a body fat measurement. Don’t mess up good for perfect. You don’t have to have your exact body fat. You will see results with the other measurements in this guide.

-Go steady with your scale but don’t get married to it: Use the same scale every time. There is variation from scale to scale. But don’t rely on your scale to show your results. Results come in many forms (see above ;).

Before & Better Photos

Unlike traditional before & after photos, we believe in before & better photos. Once you’ve completed the Keto Reboot and Optimization, there is no “after.” Instead, the new standard is your understanding of a better way of living. There is no “after” because your body will continue to evolve, and we consider that better.

Get real. Take 3 before photos from the front, side, and back angles. This allows you to see your starting point in all of its glory (and maybe the rest of the world if you choose to post it on social media).

-Take your photos in front of a plain wall.

-Take photos in portrait mode and include your entire body in the photos.

-Wear tight fitting clothing.

-Men: Shorts no shirt

-Women: Sports bra and shorts, or swimsuit

-Ask a friend to take the photos, or use the mirror. (Selfie angle images aren’t typically the best angle for showing before and better progress.)

These body and health upgrades don’t happen in your sleep. They take hard work and effort. Remember, if you are posting your before and better pics, include a note to let others know that you worked hard for that poppin’ better bod. Tell them that your results came through hard work and dedication, and be sure to let them know that not everyone will have the same results.

Tracking to Better

Want to know a trick that Navy Seals are taught to help them survive “hell-week?” (We’re going to tell you anyway.) Celebrate every small victory and forget any minor failure! It’s that simple.

Take 2 minutes to jot down a daily “score” throughout your Keto Reboot and Optimization period. Tally your score 1 – 10 each week and see how you did!

Perspective. Did you know that you can raise your scores on all of the above by framing your perspective and getting your mind right before you score yourself? It’s simple. Write or say aloud 3-5 things you are grateful for and/or you like about yourself. #loveyoself Then write down those scores!

Consistency is key. Start strong with the Keto Reboot and Finish STRONGER with the Keto Optimization Quests. Stay focused and track your progress daily and see the rapid results you deserve! You were made for this.

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