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Pruvit vs Scentsy?

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I am a Independent Pruvit Promoter and below is my personal opinion of Scentsy's Compensation plan

based off how I interpreted it. This is not the opinion of Pruvit Ventures. 


Startup Kits

Scentsy- When signing up to be a Consultant there is only 1 kit to choose from.

Pruvit- You are given a variety of options when joining as a pruvit promoter. A Pruvit Promoter can start up with as minimal as the $49.00/yr fee or kickstart their business with the Pruvit Promoter packs. ( We can discuss and see which senerio would be best for you)

Discounts / Promo's

Scentsy Consultants are not allowed to offer specials, promotions, or discounts of any kind for joining or selling.

Pruvit - Since I have been with Pruvit the company has had 1-2 sales/promotions a month. These are great for helping our customers make their purchases and also for helping promoters share the conversation.

When are you Paid?

ScentsyCommissions are paid by the end of the day on the tenth of each month, or the following business day if the tenth falls on a weekend or bank holiday, for the activity performed in the previous month. 
Pruvit- All bonuses are calculated on either a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual period (depending on the bonus). A pay “week” begins at 12:00am Monday morning and ends at 11:59pm the following Sunday. Times are based on Pruvit Rewards Time Zone (RTZ) as displayed inside the Prüvit Cloud ( 2) A pay “month” is based on a calendar month. 3) All monthly commissions will be calculated and paid on the 15th of the following month.​

How are you paid?

ScentsyPaid to your Scentsy Credit Card
Pruvit- Your are given the option to request payment from Debit Card, check ,or by direct deposit via E-wallet.

How to Stay active as a Consultant/ Promoter

ScentsyA Consultant must have a monthly total of at least 150 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) in one of the last three months to continue their agreement with Scentsy. Any Consultant who does not accumulate at least 150 PRV in any one of the last three months will be cancelled from Scentsy.
Pruvit- A Promoter is qualified to earn if they meet a minimum of 50PQV*, during the current Qualifying Cycle and maintain Engaged status:

Increased Earnings and Ranks

Scentsy-  You start off making 20% commission and have to sell $1,000 before making 25%. To stay active as a consultant, you must sell $150 in 3 months. Then, to continue promoting you need to sell $500 a month and you start off making 2% for sponsoring and 2% for your team's wholesale volume. As you promote, the percentages for sponsoring and team wholesale volume increase. 
Pruvit- Pruvit has created a game approach to it's rewards program. Pruvit offers a great Bonus Program to all Promoters (This   is on top of the 20% - 40% commissions already paid out). 
PruvitTake The Go Challenge
  • Go PRO 
  • Go MVP 
Share Keto OS 5/10 Sample packs from your Promoter pack for additional earnings.

Car Incentive Program
PruvitWhen you achieve Rank 6 the company will pay up to $800.00 towards your new car or current car ( Car needs to meet Pruvits pre-approved list and rules provided in Rewads Plan). Once achieving Rank 7 Pruvit then will provide up to $1300 for a Model Tesla.
Free Product and Discount Program
Pruvit - Pruvit has a great smart ship program (Monthly shipments) where you can get 22% off of each other every month + earn free product every 4th month along with your smart ship order + the ability to earn free product (Prüvit Bucks will go towards your monthly orders up to $500). 
Get in Early*
ScentsyScentsy has been established since 2004. Since then the company has grown globally with a large number of consultants internationally. 
PruvitPruvit has a very unsaturated market. The companyis 3.5 years old and growing daily with very unique patented 
products.  There is a very huge benefit for BB Coaches to Join pruvit and utilize their training to build great teams.
Excited to get Started?  Time to Prüvit!
Pruvit is now open in United States , Ca

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