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Don't Let Procrastination Stop You - Take Action

Iv'e finally accomplish something that I've been wanting to get done for a very long time. So for that reason... I'm going to pat myself on the back for getting it done.

We all go through it, we all procrastinate when it comes to different things, In different events and different obstacles in life. I'll tell you what i think......

I feel that procrastination is the grave to where opportunity is buried.

Anyone can brag about what they're going to do. They can say what they're going to do tomorrow and what they're going to do next week. Want to know something? Most likely those same individuals are the ones that said last year that they're gonna get something accomplished this year. They said it last week, that they're gonna get something accomplished this week. Yesterday they said, they were gonna do it today, and they still haven't done it! It's just that vicious cycle that plays on and on and on.

There is nothing more dangerous to a man's character, then getting so little done, but having so much time. Let me repeat that there's nothing more dangerous to a man's character, then getting so little done but having so much time. It's almost like a definition of laziness right?

If you want to do different things in your life, you have to make decisions, you've got to do something

So I say this, if you want your life to change..... if you want to do different things in your life.... then you have got to make decisions. You've got to do something, whether that's a decision to say yes, a decision to say no, or whatever that decision is. Whatever that action is, you have to decide and you have to act. You have to take action. I believe that we all have different excuses that we make, instead of just making decisions to do things that we can. What I mean by that is we make excuses on why we can't do things.

  • I can't do this because of that.

  • This isn't possible because of this.

Instead of saying...... I will do this, because I know what the outcome will bring. You should find reasons to why you can do things and just make it happen.

Focus on the majors

Focus on the major things in your life. Focus on the majors and fixed those challenges first versus stressing over the minors that are going to take up too much of your time.

So I will say this, because I don't want this to be confusing. I'm going to say.... don't be afraid of fear. Fear is where the resistance is. Around that resistance is where greatness is going to happen.

Don't compare yourself to others. And what I mean by all that is a wise man once told me that comparing yourself to others is the root of all misery. comparing yourself to others is the root of misery. So what I'm what I'm what I'm bringing this all together with is just because someone else is doing something, don't compare yourself to it. But don't be afraid to challenge yourself for more, don't be afraid of the fear. But at the same time, don't compare and wish that you were wished that you could do. Focus on the things that you can do, that you can do now those small steps, those small achievements. It's like a snowball, right? It just adds up, it builds up focus on those small things, and it will grow to bigger achievements. You will hit you know, bigger milestones, if you focus on those. So don't be afraid of the challenge, but don't compare to be what you are not. What I'll end this with is, we don't need more strength, we don't need more ability, we don't need greater opportunities, what we need to do is just use what we have, and make the best of it. Use what we have and use it as many times as we can to better ourselves to help better others to give to others.

So I have a quote....

It says that 90% of success is showing up and starting. You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you do not try.

This was on my mind because I've procrastinated for a year with getting something done. And I finally said, "You know what, I'm gonna get this done". I'm going to get it knocked out! I'm going to end the procrastination. I will make a decision to do it.

I'm going to focus on the things I know I can do and get those done. So I encourage you to do the same thing. If you have been avoiding things because of the road blocks that are in your way. Maybe you're focusing on something that's taking you a week, a month or whatever the time frame it takes to accomplish it.

Don't Procrastinate ......... Take Action!


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