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Mango Dash Keto Up Drink

pruvit's mango dash keto up

Pruvit's KETO//UP™ Mango Dash, your ready to drink can of Ketones, is here to power up your day! Whether it's before you hit the gym in the AM or mid afternoon as you tackle the day, Mango Dash KETO//UP™ is ready when you are.

What is Mango Dash Keto Up?

Mango Dash KETO//UP™ is designed for those who want to operate at


KETO//UP™ is a conveniently packaged and ready-to-drink super fuel, made to fit your fast-paced lifestyle, and take your ketone game all the way UP. Reap the advanced benefits of rapid absorption with a sip, gulp, or a pour of these Pure Therapeutic Ketones® to get to the next level on your journey towards BETTER. Drink KETO//UP™ for total body optimization, nutritionally advanced benefits, and a crisp, unique taste that will take your lifestyle all the way up.


Utilizing our MAX NAT™ BLEND featuring C-Med 100®, KETO//OS NAT® supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, supports healthy immune function, and elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition.

WHY USE Mango Dash Keto Up?

  • Ready-to-drink convenient packaging

  • Faster delivery of ketones to the brain & body

  • Supports fat loss

  • Increases metabolism

  • Enhances energy & focus


Benefits Of Mango Dash Keto UP


Experience unparalleled mental clarity and optimized cognitive function due to the proprietary blend and supreme efficacy found in KETO//OS NAT®.


KETO//OS NAT® contains ingredients proven to have a beneficial impact on healthy cell function, DNA repair, and increased amino acid production. Prüvit’s C-Med 100 contains Cat’s Claw, also known as Uncaria Tomentosa, has been shown to provide benefit the body’s natural ability to repair DNA. Aqueous extracts have also indicated additional neuroprotective and anti-aging benefits. Scientific studies indicate an enhanced ability to produce critically important proteins needed for optimal health. Cat’s Claw has been used by South American natives in the Amazon jungle for its therapeutic properties.


With increased appetite suppression, KETO//OS NAT® helps burn fat by controlling your hunger and reducing your urge to snack.


Are you new to Keto / Low Carb?

The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet. Through the restriction of carbohydrates, it re-programs your metabolism to burn your fat stores for fuel rather than using the glycogen stored in your muscles.

You can find more recipes in our blog posts.

If you are looking for more tips on how to start Keto: Click Here

We will provide some tips and shopping list options.

Let us help you start your keto journey.

Have your heard of Drinkable Exogenous Ketones, Keto OS NAT?

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